Technology is increasingly pervasive in healthcare. As a company that provides technology and management solutions, we happily embrace that trend. However, we believe that the power of human connection and empathy in healthcare cannot be overstated—whether you’re dealing with a 1:1 interaction between a physician or nurse and a patient or a support call on an EHR hosting issue. Technology can provide great gains in efficiency, value, and convenience, but it will never replace the influence of empathy.

When we founded Physician Select Management, it was critically important to us to build a team to serve our customers who have walked in the shoes of patients, providers, and practice administrators. We did not want to be a team of tech-savvy engineers without real-world context. That is why our staff is full of those who have managed and worked in medical offices. We can relate to you, our customers, and that strengthens everything we do.

We understand that with increasing technology comes increasing complexity, and we are here to help you navigate through it to optimize healthcare quality and safety, cost reduction, patient satisfaction, and provider satisfaction.

As new ways of working, new payment models, and performance metrics come down the pipeline, we keep patient care and your practice staff’s experience at the forefront of our mind. After all, most of us are in this business to care for patients and that requires taking care of the people who take care of patients too.

Our promise to you is this: we will always bring empathy and compassion to our services, because we know taking time to stand in your shoes will make us better service providers.