Managed Healthcare IT Services

Affordable solutions to support your unique healthcare IT needs.

Our team of veteran healthcare IT professionals can manage any IT need you have. We host your healthcare IT on fast, HIPAA compliant servers and support your on-premises and cloud-based IT needs. Whether you want an IT check-up, a hosting provider you can rely on, or assistance setting up a new IT system, our team can assist.

Headache-Free IT

Our U.S.-based team delivers peace of mind to you and your team through our lightning-fast issue response system.

Proactive Compliance Support

We guarantee service levels and provide proactive support to keep your network secure and compliant with the latest regulations.

Secure Infrastructure

Our redundant architecture deployed on multiple servers and load balancers in world-renowned data centers ensure your productivity and patient care don’t suffer in the event of hardware failure or natural disaster.

Reliable Data Backups

Our IT processes and comprehensive data backup means you never have to worry about staying on top of backups and you can rest easy knowing they are done right.  

Security and Compliance Support

Running a busy medical practice, it can be difficult to stay on top of the latest security, compliance, and technology best practices. Managed IT support take those concerns off of your plate. Your EHR is loaded with valuable patient data. Just one small security breach could threaten your patient’s privacy and slow practice productivity. Investing in managed IT services is an investment in your medical practice staff’s wellbeing, the productivity of your practice, and your patient experience.

Consultative Guidance for a Digital World

Your patients are increasingly tech-savvy, and your practice should be too. As additional technologies—online scheduling, patient portals, and remote patient monitoring seep into your practice operations, IT security and compliance concerns come with them. Our expert team manages those concerns to ensure your digital tools function well and remain secure and compliant.


With PSM managed IT services, you can take managing your practice’s technological needs off your plate and ensure you have proactive IT plans. Outsourcing your IT to a managed service provider like PSM means you enjoy the IT support and networking capabilities of a larger organization, with PSM affordable fees. Benefits of managed IT services include:


Reduced IT management burden


Increased healthcare data security


Compliance with HIPAA and PCI


High-functioning software programs


Proactive planning to stay on top of evolving regulations


IT best practices to scale with ease


Ability to leverage patient data for better care


Solid disaster plan to mitigate risk and lost


Seamless integration of disparate IT systems


Reduced downtime, increased productivity

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