EMR Data Migration and Conversion

Move your medical data, securely and seamlessly

No matter what EHR, billing, or PM system you use, count on PSM to migrate your valuable data, securely, accurately, and in a timely manner. We have helped hundreds of healthcare offices migrate and standardize data in a way that is not disruptive to clinician and administrative staff workload.

Move to a New System

Our EMR data migration and conversion services ensure your sensitive patient data seamlessly transforms to meet the requirements of your new system without losing data integrity in the process.

Retire Legacy Software

Maintaining legacy systems can be costly and present security concerns for your practice. Migrating data to a new system reduces administrative upkeep needs and maintains ongoing compliance.  

Clean up your IT Portfolio

Our healthcare data migration and conversion experts make sure your data is consistently formatted and meets the latest system requirements to keep your practice legally compliant.

Count on Accuracy

We are dedicated to meticulously reproducing your data so your workflow remains seamless and your data integrity is maintained throughout any system transition.

Secure EMR Data Migration and Conversion

When you transition to a new EMR, our healthcare security experts keep your data secure throughout the data extraction, conversion, and migration process. The entire process is U.S.-based and utilizes the highest encryption standards available. In addition to safeguarding your data during the migration process, our team also ensures any copies of your data are archived and securely destroyed as appropriate.

Timely, Seamless Data Moving Services

When it comes to converting your healthcare data, we know timeliness is crucial. That is why we collaborate closely with your team to develop a detailed data migration and conversion plan with clear milestones. Our proven processes deliver the data you need, when you need it.   

Benefits of PSM’s EMR data migration and conversion services include:  


Secure and seamless system migration


Reduced disruption and downtime when launching a new system


Ability to extract and convert data from whatever system you use


Unparalleled turnaround times


Custom data migration and conversion solutions


Comply with legal requirements through any system transition


Fully accurate data that meets new system standards


Option to retire legacy software and clean up your IT portfolio


Close collaboration between practice staff, conversion specialists, and new system vendor

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