Improve patient care continuity through system interfaces

Today’s healthcare environment increasingly demands more seamless patient data sharing and integration across platforms. Our custom interoperability solutions can help your practice ensure your patients, providers, and technology needs are fully integrated, ultimately benefitting patient experience across the continuum.

Fast and Reliable Systems

Interfaces help your team spend less time entering data and more time caring for patients.  

Connect your Desperate Systems

Connect all systems your practice uses into one cohesive information flow.  

Integrate Devices and Systems

When your EHR interfaces with your lab devices, your practice saves time and money. 

EHR System Interfaces

PSM’s interoperability services help your practice systems (including your lab systems, transcription systems, patient portals, practice management system, and EHR) talk to each other to function better for your practice and your patients. We develop custom interface solutions based on the systems your practice uses to eliminate the time consuming need to enter data into each separate system, leaving room for error and adding to staff workload.

Lab Device Feeds

PSM develops custom automated environments in which your EHR can communicate seamlessly with lab devices. This means your devices send all lab results directly to your patient’s record, reducing wait times, simplifying workflow, preventing errors, and shortening data entry time required.  

Examples of inbound and outbound interfaces include:   


Direct integrations between lab devices and your EHR






Diagnostic Imaging Results and Orders




Document Interface


Lab Results and Orders

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