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Full eClinicalWorks SaaS support

Leverage our deep expertise in eClinicalWorks implementation, hosting, training, and optimization to boost your practice’s performance. If you are considering implementing eCW in your practice or seeking expert support to make the most of the fully integrated solution, our team of IT and practice management experts can help.

Patient Portal and Health and Wellness helow Apps

The healow apps are a very easy way for patients to register and complete consent forms, access lab results, prescription refills, educational material, review patient histpry, view patietn statements and manage health and wellness for patientes and their families. you can also activate features, if you want, for appointments and secure patient communication. Healow is aailable not only for use on computer desktops and laptops, but also through secure mobile apps that can be used on spart phones and tablets for both Apple iOS and Android, at no extra charge for providers and registered patients.

Access From Any High-Speed Internet Connection

eClinicalWorks, the simpler, faster EHR system, has mobility features that let you stay connected via laptops or mobile devices, and on popular Windows, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. PSM can set you up to for remote access, so you can access and use your records and stay in touch with your staff and patients while out of the office.


eClinicalWorks offers features that allow you to exchange clinical information within your community or across the country through a single integrated solution. In addition to the clinical benefits for making faster and more accurate diagnoses and better management of patients, this allows you to comply with MIPS criteria for additional payments.

Please contact PSM for any questions about various solutions that may be available to you, both within eClinicalWorks at no additional cost, as well as with eClinicalWorks also partners with companies that allow you to access and receive information from other providers around the country, whether they are using eClinicalWorks or most any other ambulatory or hospital EMR/practice management system.

Electronic Medical Record

The eClinicalWorks EMR is intuitive and easy to use that can save you time and reduce your overhead. It is a powerful solution that can thoroughly document activities to meet quality improvement and performance measures for population health management, and reporting to achieve optimal payment from Medicare and other insurance company value-based payment plans.


SureScripts & Rx Hub is used for automated electronic prescribing and efficient prescription management, as well as compliance with insurance company formularies, drug monitoring and interactions to ensure patient safety. Patients can also check their medications and request Rx refills online, to reduce office staff time and phone calls. Non-prescription medications can also be added for a more complete patient health record. This also saves time and expense for patients and improves customer service and satisfaction.


eClinicalWorks Scribe™ allows you to spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. eClinicalWorks Scribe allows providers to generate accurate and comprehensive Progress Notes using voice-based commands to complete many documentation tasks within eClinicalWorks. Dictate or type patient narratives directly into a textbox and eClinicalWorks Scribe will convert it into structured data automatically to reduce the number of clicks and save more time. eClinicalWorks Scribe can even place the text within the appropriate section of the Progress Notes.


Custom Reports & Dashboards tallows you to view a streamlined dashboard of an individual patient chart, complete with the information you need to see, or run custom reports which measure quality of care, analyze MACRA/MIPS progress, or better manage and follow-up on patients with chronic diseases.

Practice Management

You can easily and intuitively manage appointments and schedules, streamline your medical billing with automated processes for improved cash flow, and store and report on important demographic and clinical data. You can also submit claims and post payments electronically, verify patient insurance and pre-authorizations, track the status of claims and payment status, communicate online with payers and even schedule automated appointment reminder phone calls to patients. In addition, scheduling appointments and other information is synced with the patient portal automatically, so all communication back and forth with patients is current. Routine and custom reports can be automated and generated easily, keeping you current with vital information to help better manage your practice.

Patient Kiosk & App

The eClinicalWorks Kiosk and application enables your patients to use an iPad to securely check in for an appointment, and even schedule a new appointment easily and conveniently. In addition, your patients can quickly and privately update their demographic information (name, address, etc.) directly on the iPad app. All the information your patients validate or change automatically flows directly to your practice’s eClinicalWorks system, ensuring its accuracy and saving you and your staff’s time. In addition to streamlining the patient check-in process, using a kiosk helps remove the possibility of human error when collecting critical information from patients.

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