Managed Security

24/7, reliable healthcare IT security

Safeguard your patient data and IT systems across your network to ensure your practice and your patients do not suffer from data breaches or downtime in practice systems.

Healthcare IT Security Expertise

We know healthcare IT security. For more than 20 years, we have supported practices of varying sizes to ensure they have the ultimate secure environment to store sensitive medical data.

Stringent Security Protocols

Rely on our proven information security protocols designed to protect critical patient health data against security breaches of any kind, preventing costly breaches and practice downtime.

Staff Security Training

Our proven security measures are made stronger by a well-informed staff. We can help ensure your providers and staff are aware of common security breach points and follow best practices to maintain network security.

Backup and Recovery Plans

Our suite of backup and recovery solutions are designed to keep your data accessible in the event of a disruption. Our cutting edge backup technology keeps your data recoverable at all times.

World-Class, Secure Data Centers

PSM’s offsite data centers provide a resilient, secure, high-performance data storage environment. These physical facilities are controlled and monitored by highly-trained staff and state-of-the-art technology. Hardware is located in locked racks, which are in separate locked cages. Network access is secure and monitored 24/7 and tools are in place to block viruses, malware or other potential intrusions.

Full HIPAA Security Compliance

PSM’s managed IT security services for healthcare practices is in full compliance with HIPAA standards, certifying our commitment to medical information security excellence. We are dedicated to safeguarding patient data and employ a rigorous set of data protection solutions to shield your sensitive data. With secure technology solutions and data centers, you can relax knowing your data is fully secured by world-class healthcare security experts.   

Why rely on managed security for your practice? 


Full HIPAA compliance


Highest levels of encryption available


Proactive monitoring for security concerns


Support to train your staff on security awareness


Comprehensive data protection technology


Full data backup and recovery solutions for quick data recovery


World-class offsite data centers

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